Excel Management provides commercial and residential property management using a professional, value-added approach.
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Sophisticated property owners often turn to us to add value as follows:

They want to enjoy the stability, tax advantages, and upside potential of owning real estate, but do not always have the staff, leasing and service contacts, or financing contacts to bring each property to its highest potential.

Our clients’ real estate is often owned by multiple partners, and they want to provide those partners with a structured relationship offering professional, unbiased service and regular reporting. All reports are personalized to their specific preferences.

Our clients often have other businesses in retail, wholesale, technology, etc. that require intensive oversight and constant attention.

Our clients often invest substantial time and resources in the acquisition and financing of their real estate, and want to continue doing so without the distraction of day to day management.
We deliver cost savings in all areas due to our specialized focus and established business relationships.



In order to provide you with a deeper understanding of the level of service that you can expect to receive, we will create a Business Plan that outlines the following:

  • Identify the Managed Properties and provide a quick summary of each (Appendix I)
  • Set out your long term intentions (App. II)
  • Identify the desired holding period and exit strategy for the Property (App. II)
  • Establish your preferred method, manner, and frequency of reporting (App. II)
  • Show a detailed rent roll with lease expirations and prospective new tenancies (App. III)
  • Prepare a market and sub-market overview, with particular attention to the Managed Properties, and propose strategic initiatives for additional revenue or reduced cost (App. IV)
  • Provide a 12 month and 5 year projection, including base rental revenue, gross income, operating expenses, net operating income, capital expenses, and net cash flow (App. V)
  • Summarize the previous year’s financial performance vs. Budget (App. VI)
  • Abstract all leases and mortgages (App. VII and VIII)
  • Provide an organization chart showing the detailed entity ownership of the property, and establish the Client’s Principal Contact for day-to-day correspondence (App. IX)
  • Identify the Asset Manager and a Property Manager that will be providing services (App. X)


Lease Abstract & Audit – As part of your Business Plan, we will prepare Abstracts for all leases, after which you will have a clean, easy-to-access summary of all key information. A thorough lease and expense audit will follow, after which we often identify new revenue opportunities, and recover lost dollars that go straight to your bottom line.


We utilize a multifaceted, hands-on approach to bring in the right tenancies. The perfect lease can come from an internet listing, word of mouth, building signage and advertising, direct mailing to targeted markets, direct tenant contact, or simple cold calling.


We recognize that your business records are proprietary and will treat such information with the utmost discretion at all times


We value our role as your trusted commercial real estate advisor, and recognize that your business records are proprietary and will treat such information with the utmost discretion. Please call us for a discreet consultation to discuss your specific project.

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